Bonjour Montano Insulated French Press Review

The Montano Insulated French Press from Bonjour is a great French press for showing off to guests or just a relaxing cup of coffee for two with the almost all metal coffee maker, it has been reviewed at and given a good review.

Ease of Use/Performance: 20/25
Convenience/Storage 22/25
Appearance/Design 18/25
How much I enjoy 20/25

Total: 80/100

The Montano from Bonjour is an eight cup double walled stainless steel French press for classic coffee from a stylish brewer. A French press uses fresh ground coffee and hot water in the pot to brew then using the steel and mesh screen you push the grounds to the bottom of the pot.

The Bonjour Montano is a high end French press as far as coffee makers go with the Montana costing around $70 and available at many local stores and internet sites. The French press does a great job of making coffee that is stronger and richer because it retains more of the flavor and essential oils when brewing.

The water remains in direct contact with the beans so you do need to use the coffee soon after brewing as the longer it stays that way the more bitter it can become. While this is a negative if you’re trying to have coffee all day long the Montano French press does make a great party or first pot in the morning to have that fresh hot cup of coffee.

The Montano is a bit of a different design as it sits tilted toward the pour spout side of the container to create a modern style but is a basic French press inside. The outside of the French press is a double wall stainless steel that will keep your coffee hot for an hour or so and the lid is also stainless but with a plastic liner.

The other parts are all stainless steel metal with a metal push rod, metal handle and metal screen and parts above and below that stainless steel. I found from my last review that plastic parts do not always work out for French press brewers and this is not a problem at all with the Montano.

All tough solid stainless steel except for the lid inside that is an insert in the metal top with a pour spout screen and a blocked area depending on how you turn the lid. The handle and base of the screen mechanism uses a three chambered opening so when you turn the handle one way it opens three sections of the screen and when you turn it the other it closes them.

This allows you to trap most of the grounds in the bottom after pushing down the handle to strain the grounds to the bottom of the French press. The mechanism works perfectly and I had no problem using it as far as this but did have constant problems with pouring.

There is some inherent design flaw in the spout and possibly the tilt of French press that has coffee running down the body of the French pres on the outside if you pour too quickly. There will be no fast cup fill like waitresses do at restaurants with this French press as slow and steady is how to get all the coffee in the cup.

If you try to pour too fast it does splash around and run more toward the bottom of the press along the outside and I found this to be a particular annoyance. While the French press does a great job of brewing the coffee pouring it has been a hit or miss affair as I often just pour and the spout should direct the coffee where I want it to go.

The Montano French press is not exactly that direct when pouring and I found that I had to consciously slow myself down when using it to get all the coffee into my cup. Other than this the Montano works perfectly well and is a stylish French press but the pouring spout could have been designed better or tested before going to market.

The Montano does a great job with fresh beans that I have been getting for my reviews from a local shop that roasts their own beans in house. In the Fargo area you can get Dunn Brothers coffee that is at the most a couple of days from fresh out of the roaster and this is a great way to use a French press.

The rich flavors and fresh aromas of coffee freshly pressed is great and the best way to start the day, if I could only slow down enough to make sure I get it all in my cup I would be all set. Seriously, the Montano works well and as long as you take into account having to pour your cups at a more sedate pace you should have no problem.

I mention this because others at Amazon and a few other places have also mentioned the possible mess so I think it is important to add to my review as well. Bonjour has a wide assortment of French presses and if you’re looking for a stylish looking one that is all metal the Bonjour may just fit the bill.

The Bonjour Montano may be a more expensive French press but it does have almost all metal parts and will be sure to last a long time. The Bonjour Montano is a great French press and well worth considering for a stylish French press that may be more appropriate for company.

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